Vane Type Collectors (KPT LC-1)

Vane Type Collectors (KPT LC-1)

The vane collectors tray is used in towers that process high vapor loads and low liquid loads. It offers minimal pressure drop and it can provide open areas from 40-75%. It helps to minimize entrainment, even at high vapor rates. Kuber Precision Technology products are designed and developed in line with the prevailing trend and standards of the industry. Our range of products are widely used in various applications like Petroleum Industry, Chemicals industry, Metallurgy industry, Pharmaceuticals industry, and Automobile industry.

Key Characteristics

It requires a ring channel which is then welded to the column wall.

The pressure drops are low, with lesser losses.


It is specialized for vacuum distillation columns where minimizing the column pressure drop is a primary objective.

It provides a very low-pressure drop by providing a high open area and little resistance to vapor flow when passes through the collector.


Vanes are made by pounding copper sheeting over a wooden or metal mold to create the two sides, which are soldered together.

The liquid collector device ensures cross mixing of the liquid and mixing of feed streams with the internal column liquid.

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