Liquid –Liquid Extraction Packing (KUBPAK-Extract)

Liquid–Liquid Extraction Packing (KUBPAK-Extract)

Extractors equipped with structured packing are playing a major role in the chemical process industries. Liquid liquid extraction packing provides high mass transfer efficiency and capacity as compared to random packings and sieve trays. KPT additionally offers an extraordinarily planned pressing mix produced using sheet metal for Liquid-Liquid Extraction Equipment.

Kuber Precision Technology is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Liquid-Liquid Extraction (KUBPACK Extract) Packing to industries in India, the USA, Europe, and UAE.

Series KUBPAK-Extract 200, KUBPAK-Extract 250, KUBPAK-Extract 350
Material of construction (MOC) Stainless steel or any metal/alloy according to customer request.


  • Flavor & fragrance, pharmaceutical, biotech industries
  • Petrochemical, and chemical industries.
At Kuber we always endeavour to increase the value we deliver to our customers by challenging existing boundaries and design, develop and produce state of the art mass transfer equipment offering you solutions for any of your processes and applications.


It includes a countercurrent separation process for isolating the constituents of a liquid mixture. In other words, it involves the extraction of a solute from a binary solution by bringing it into contact with a second immiscible solvent in which the solute is soluble.

Extraction Columns are used for liquid-liquid extraction,  an important separation technology in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

 Liquid-liquid extraction equipment is generally based on the principle that a solute or an analyte can distribute itself in a certain ratio between two immiscible solvents, usually the aqueous phase and organic phase.

The most common method of liquid-liquid extraction is performed using a separatory funnel.

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