Distillation Trays


The Distillation Trays manufactured by Kuber Precision Technology are utilized to separate applications. We give various kinds of different distillation column trays that are appropriate for any section size. This plate can be advantageously introduced and has lower requirements for normal support. We utilize various sorts of metallic material that pass through punching and twisting cycles to manufacture these plates.

We have explicitly planned a quality grouping of Column Internals, which discover broad applications in the hydrocarbon handling, synthetic, desalination ventures, petrochemical, and gas-fluid assimilation units.

Our scope of internal products comprises Floating Valve Tray, Bubble Cap Tray, Fixed Valve Tray, Grid plate, and strainer plate to satisfy the applicable prerequisites of assorted businesses. Working with you, our cycle specialists will help you with a legitimate plate choice to best fulfill your particular necessities. Furthermore, the Kuber Precision Technology group is accessible for master and productive establishment, at your solicitation.

Whatever your application, Kuber Precision Technology has the irregular pressing in the size and material – distillation column trays to give ideal execution. Most sizes of plate, in every regular material, are accessible at shipment at serious costs.


Stacks of metal trays, aligned horizontally across the column’s interior, & are designed to hold up the liquid while the rising vapor flows upward. The trays have openings to allow vapor to flow upward through the column, as well as a condensed liquid to flow downward.

The tray column is a gas-liquid contactor. It is chemical equipment used to carry out unit operations where it is necessary to transfer mass between a liquid phase and a gas phase.

There are five major types of tray columns; bubble cap tray, sieve deck tray, dual flow tray, valve tray, and baffle tray.

Generally, tray spacing in the distillation column ranges from 8 to 36 inches (200 mm to 900 mm). The prime factor in setting it is the economic trade-off between column height and column diameter.

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