Distillation Trays


The Distillation Trays provided by us are used for separation applications. We provide different types of conventional Distillation Trays that are suitable for any column size. This tray can be conveniently installed and has lower requirements for regular maintenance. We use different types of metallic material that pass through punching and bending processes to fabricate these trays.
We have specifically designed a quality assortment of Column Internals, which find extensive applications in the hydrocarbon processing, chemical, desalination industries, petrochemical, and gas-liquid absorption units.
Our range of internal products consists of Floating Valve Tray, Bubble Cap Tray, Fixed Valve Tray, Grid tray and sieve tray to fulfil the application requirements of diverse industries.
Working with you, our process engineers will assist you in proper tray selection to best satisfy your specific requirements. In addition, the Kuber Precision Technology team is available for expert and efficient installation, at your request.
Whatever your application, Kuber Precision Technology has the random packing in the size and material – distillation trays to provide optimum performance. Most sizes of trays, in all common materials, are available for shipment at competitive prices.
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