Support Grid Used For Structured Packing

Support Grid Used For Structured Packing

Support grids for structured packing are designed to gain the necessary mechanical strength for deep beds of packing. Packing support grids are also called packing support plates. The main function of this equipment is to support the tower packing bed structurally. Kuber precision technology provides a complete line of grids for structured packing to provide high-efficiency gas and liquid circulation while reducing the risk of liquid flooded across the system.


Support grid for structured packing is designed to achieve the respective mechanical strength for packing beds and dynamic liquid hold-up.

In structured packing,  support grids bear on a support ring welded to the column. They keep the packing in position and are used, in certain columns, for distributing the gaseous phase.

Random packing uses a random distribution of small packing materials to assist in the separation process, while structured packing uses larger, fixed packing structures.

It is a range of materials that are specially designed to use in distillation and absorption columns, as well as chemical reactors. They usually consist of thin corrugated metal plates or gauzes, designed to force fluids on complicated paths throughout the column.

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