Feed Pipe Distributor (KPT FPD-4)

Feed Pipe Distributor (KPT FPD-4)

Pipe type distributor is one of the simplest designs. These pipe distributors can be very efficient where the vapour flow is very high as the pipe type construction provides large volume for vapour flow.

Key Characteristics

Pipe distributors can handle to liquid loads upto 20 to 25 m3/m2h. These distributors can be applied from 500mm to above size and can be designed for smaller sizes but the installation becomes critical.

Manufacturing can be done as a single piece or arms could be flanged type to pass easily through manway.


Pipe distributors, also known as ladder distributors, generally consist of one or more main header pipes with smaller pipes or arms connected to the header to provide complete coverage across the tower cross-section. 

 The pipe distributor comes in many different sizes, shapes, and purposes. There are straight-pipe, T-type, H-type, ring-type, and ladder-type pipe distributors.

Liquid Distributors are internals installed over the packed bed, which provides a finite liquid distribution over the packed bed.

A liquid distributor is a device that is used to spread liquid when it enters a packed column. Methods of evaluating the effectiveness of a liquid distributor & re-distributor are to evenly distribute the liquid entering a packed column.

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