Trough Type Distributor (KPT TTD-7)

Trough Type Distributor (KPT TTD-7)

The liquid distributor LD has got troughs with lateral notches as discharge orifices. The troughs are fed by a parting box.

The trough type distributor has got troughs with lateral notches as discharge orifices. These troughs are fed by a parting box which makes this type of distributor highly resistant to fouling and expands the scope of application. It is consists of a pre-distribution trough or ‘parting box mounted above several equally spaced, narrow troughs.

Key Characteristics

Trough type distributor construction can be used for very high liquid load & higher column diameter from 900 mm & above diameters. Both bottom holes & tube construction is possible in trough type distributor. In trough distributor, the liquid in bottom channels distributes the liquid evenly on the surface of packing and can be used for both structured & random packing. Liquid loads may vary from 2m3/m2hr to 50 m3/m2hr. The simplicity of this design helps to get good seating, better leveling& easiness of installation.


The trough type distributor consists of long tunnels called troughs, and one or more parting boxes, for feeding liquid to the troughs. This parting box helps in controlling the feed velocity to the troughs and ensures proportional distribution of the liquid. 

Liquid Distributors are internals installed over the packed bed, which provides a finite liquid distribution over the packed bed.

It is used with fouling service or high liquid rates, making it a highly versatile product.

A liquid distributor is a device that is used to spread liquid when it enters a packed column. Methods of evaluating the effectiveness of a liquid distributor & redistributor are to evenly distribute the liquid entering a packed column.

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