Chimney Tray Type Collectors (KPT LC-3)

Chimney Tray Type Collectors (KPT LC-3)

The Chimney tray collector-distributor is specially designed to draw off a liquid product. It is used to combine the liquid from above with a liquid feed to the column before introducing the mixture to a liquid distributor above a packed bed. It is applicable for high liquid loads & higher diameter columns. Kuber Precision Technology offers a variety of liquid collectors & distributors to suit your application.

Key Characteristics

Liquid collection from above bed and conduction to below distributor.

Has a lateral downcomer shaft.

Total or partial liquid draw-off is possible.


Chimney collector trays are used to collect liquid from between packed beds or packed beds during tray transition. It is applicable for high liquid loads & higher diameter columns

It helps to work as a distributor as well as redistributors. Whenever collection & redistribution is required this distributor can be used.

Chimney tray is a device specifically designed to keep vapor and liquid separate. 

The liquid collector device ensures cross mixing of the liquid and mixing of feed streams with the internal column liquid.

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