Liquid Collectors

Liquid Collectors

Liquid collector are widely used to ensure equal vapor distribution and collect liquid from upper packing bed. There are 3 types of collectors, such as chimney tray type, flange type and vane type which are designed and supplied to meet different conditions.

With the help of internal column liquid, liquid collector systems improves mixing of the liquid and allow mixing of feed streams Kuber Precision Technology offers a variety of liquid distributors to suit your application.


The liquid collector device ensures cross mixing of the liquid and mixing of feed streams with the internal column liquid.

Liquid collectors are mainly used to collect liquid from the upper packing bed and ensure uniform vapor distribution.

A flat plate collector is made of fluid tubes connected to a flat plate absorber (high absorptivity) that collects the sunlight and transfers the heat energy to the tubes.

Based on the type of heat transfer fluid, it is being divided into two types, Liquid heating collectors and air or gas heating collectors.

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