L-L Extraction Distributor (KPT LLE-3)

L-L Extraction Distributor (KPT LLE-3)

In liquid distributors, liquid-liquid extraction is a technically advanced technique. It is applied when simpler alternatives such as distillation are not able to meet your requirements. In this, components are extracted from the feed with the help of a solvent, without an evaporation step. This liquid distributor are used in packed L-L Extraction columns for continuous and dispersed phases, preventing emulsions at low surface tensions.


Liquid Distributors are internals installed over the packed bed, which provides a finite liquid distribution over the packed bed.

The distributor is a primary element of the packed column and packing efficiency depends on good liquid distribution provided by the distributor. They are installed over the packing beds in the columns and generally positioned at a distance between 50 and 250 mm above the packing bed.

Liquid-liquid extraction is an important separation method used as a  commercial process, it is frequently used in the chemical and mining industries and in the downstream recovery of fermentation products (antibiotics, amino acids, steroids).

A liquid distributor is a device that is used to spread liquid when it enters a packed column. Methods of evaluating the effectiveness of a liquid distributor & redistributor are to evenly distribute the liquid entering a packed column.

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