Kubpak Saddle Rings | Intalox Saddles (IMTP)


Metal Intalox Saddles (IMTP) rings are a type of random packing suitable for high capacity & performance applications.It provides low pressure drop which in turn reduces foaming and energy consumption. We have a wide range of metal saddle ring packing options in various sizes and configurations.

  1. Acid gas removal
  2. High-pressure distillation
  3. Sour water stripping
Size 15 to 70 mm
Bulk Density 90 – 350 Kg/m3
Surface Area 60-285 m2/m3
NTSM 2.2 to 2.5
Thickness 0.3 to 0.6 mm


A plastic saddle ring is additionally called a super saddle ring, a plastic super intalox saddle. Its shape is like a seat. This item is enhanced with the premise of a plastic intalox saddle. It changes the last smooth edge into the creased edge. This plan broadens the voids among the irregular packings and improves the gas-fluid appropriation in the stuffed layers.


  1. Absorption, extraction and heat transfer
  2. Production of sulphuric acid
  3. Dying , scrubbing and stripping towers
Size 25 to 75 mm
Bulk Density 48 – 83 Kg/m3
Surface Area 89-210 m2/m3
NTSM 2 to 2.5


Ceramic saddles are one of the most frequently used random packings, especially for corrosive applications. Their smooth surface imparts a high chemical resistance and provides a high degree of stability. Saddles are low-cost packings generally used in acid gas scrubbers, dryer towers, tail gas scrubbers, etc. 

These are specifically formulated and fired quality chemical stoneware and porcelain. These are low-cost random tower packing and are completely non ferrous. They are high strength, high capacity, high-efficiency materials and exhibit excellent resistance to all Acids, Alkalis and Solvent operated at high temperature.


  1. Used in scrubbers, drying towers & tail gas scrubbers.
  2.  Impasse towers & absorption towers.
  3. Cooling tower, scrubber & regeneration tower.
Size 13 to 75 mm
Bulk Density 545 – 725 Kg/m3
Surface Area 91-625 m2/m3
NTSM 1.8 to 2.6
At Kuber we always endeavour to increase the value we deliver to our customers by challenging existing boundaries and design, develop and produce state of the art mass transfer equipment offering you solutions for any of your processes and applications.


The saddle ring is a type of random tower packing suitable for high-capacity and high-performance applications.

It can be beneficial for liquid distribution and improve the flux of the gas.

Compared with pall ring, it has larger flux, less resistance, and higher efficiency. Additionally, it has high rigid and mechanical strength, it is the most widely used type among all the random packing.

Random packing materials were made of ceramic. The use of ceramic has declined because of its brittleness, but it still is used in some applications that require strong corrosion resistance.

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