Kubpak Pall Rings


Pall rings are generally utilized in the industry owing to their good capacity characteristics at the low-pressure drop. These metal rings are available in different construction like stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and copper. Pall rings offer several benefits compared to other random packing material.
Applications: It is widely used in various packing towers for desiccation, absorption, separating and regeneration in various industries.
Size 10 to 75 mm
Bulk Density 140 – 520 Kg/m3
Surface Area 120-500 m2/m3
NTSM 1.8 to 2.2
Thickness 0.3 to 0.6 mm


The plastic pall ring has outstanding chemical resistance, temperature stability and mechanical strength and are more popular in the gas and liquid separator applications. Plastic pall rings are characterized by high gas velocity, small resistance and large production capacity. It performs well in stripping and scrubbing.
Application: Plastic Pall rings are widely used in absorption, scrubbing, & stripping services, all kind of separation, constant decompress tower plants, compounding ammonia plant, decarbonization plant.
Size 16 to 90 mm
Bulk Density 43 – 95 Kg/m3
Surface Area 985-340 m2/m3
NTSM 1.8 to 2.5


Ceramic Pall ring is a type of classical random packing, which is developed from the Raschig ring. It helps vapor and liquid flow freely through windows, making full use of the inner surface of the ring to improve the distribution of vapor and liquid. It can also improve the separating efficiency. Kuber manufactures pall rings in various details. The ceramic materials utilized while manufacturing are sourced from certified and genuine vendors of the market after sternly looking at their quality and efficiency. 

Applications: It is widely used in various packing towers for desiccation, absorption, direct contact cooling, steam stripping applications, etc.

Size 25 to 50 mm
Bulk Density 535 – 640 Kg/m3
Surface Area 120-220 m2/m3
NTSM 1.4 to 1.8
At Kuber we always endeavour to increase the value we deliver to our customers by challenging existing boundaries and design, develop and produce state of the art mass transfer equipment offering you solutions for any of your processes and applications.


Pall ring is one of the most basic, widely used types of tower packing. It is a versatile, affordable option for distillation, absorption, and stripping operations.

Pall ring helps to increase the useful aspects of packing, by giving an increased number of edges to disrupt the flow.

They are available in various types such as Pall ring, Carbon steel pall ring, Metal Pall Ring, etc.

They are the most frequently used form of random packaging are made of metal and plastic.

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