Packing Supports

Packing Supports

In mass transfer operations, whether the packing is random or structured, it always serves the basic purpose of providing close contact between liquid and vapor/gas. However, for the effective and efficient performance of packings some more equipment (i.e. internals) are needed. While the primary objective of the packing support plate is to retain packings without excessive restriction to gas and liquid flow, it also serves to distribute both streams.
Kuber precision technology provides a complete line of packing support plates to provide ideal free passage and ensure unrestricted flow. We have been designing, manufacturing, and supplying efficient and economic packing support to our customers.


Packing support plate also called a packing support grid, is an important tower internal in the packing tower. The main function of this device is to support the tower packing bed structurally.

It is designed for supporting the tower packing bed, including random packing and structured packing

It is basically used in sulfuric acid absorption tower, cooling tower, drying tower, distillation tower, etc.

It has high strength and stiffness, enough open area rate, large frees section area, and corrosion resistance.

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