Chimney Tray Collector-Distributor (KPT CTD-2)

Chimney Tray Collector-Distributor (KPT CTD-2)

Chimney Collector trays are used to collect liquid from between packed beds or packed beds during tray transition.
Liquid interception is required in various situations such as total or partial draw-off of liquid etc. Different types of collector trays are available to suit the vapor and liquid rates.

Key Characteristics

Chimney tray distributor is applicable for high liquid loads & higher diameter columns. Features of this distributor help it to work as a distributor as well as redistributors. Whenever collection & redistribution is required this distributor can be used.

The design of the chimney is a very crucial part of the design which is based on liquid & vapor flow and pressure drop requirements.

For many cases without holes, these trays can be supplied as partial or 100% draw of liquid.

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