KUB Nut Ring

KUB Nut Ring

KUB Nut ring is a high-performance metal packing ring which is perfect for industrial purposes. The KUB Nut ring packing has great features over other packing rings like metal Pall Ring and Cascade Mini Ring that make it one of the best metal packing rings available on the market today.

Some of the features included Low-Pressure drop, high operation elasticity, large flux, and high mass transfer efficiency. The KUB Nut ring offers ultimate surface utilization which enables for shorter packed beds and is widely applied to absorption tower, washing tower, and drying tower.

We offer a broad range of chemical process products / equipments to provide you with high

performance equipment & a tower which contains well matched components that optimize its distillation, absorption or stripping performance.


  1. Used in degassing, vacuum distillation towers of the petrochemical industry.
  2. Chemical fertilizer industry.
  3. Environmental protection.
At Kuber we always endeavour to increase the value we deliver to our customers by challenging existing boundaries and design, develop and produce state of the art mass transfer equipment offering you solutions for any of your processes and applications.


KUB Nut ring packing is a kind of newly developed packing, which has a shape of a saddle. Besides, there is a flanging reinforced rib with several holes on the back of the saddle.

Random packing uses a random distribution of small packing materials to assist in the separation process, while structured packing uses larger, fixed packing structures.

The metal KUB Nut ring can be made from carbon steel, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L.

These types of packing are widely used in degassing, vacuum distillation towers of the petrochemical industry, chemical fertilizer industry, and environmental protection, etc.

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