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About Us

About Us

Kuber Precision Technology is an Indian company specializing in mass transfer solutions for industries like Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Water treatment, Food & Beverage throughout India. We also offer customized solutions for our customers to solve the most critical separation and mass transfer challenges. Our goal is to provide you a solution to achieve maximum performance of your mass transfer application and separation processes.

Our products include mass transfer equipments & separation solutions like Structured Packing, Random Packing, Distillation Trays, Liquid Distributors & Redistributors, Liquid Collectors, Demister Pad, Packing Support Grid for Structured Packing, Multi-Beam Support for Random Packing, Packing Support Plate for Large Columns, Bed Limiters for Structured & Random Packing, Knitted Mesh & Vane Mist Eliminator, and more.

Kuber Precision has grown to become India’s preferred mass transfer solutions provider. Our commitment towards quality designs, manufactures, customer satisfaction, & timely delivery has been consistently demonstrated to our clients. With installation of our cost effective products, the performance of our valued customers critical distillation and absorption processes have improved significantly. Our true recognition comes from our repeat satisfied customers across the country.

Our manufacturing plant in Pune, India is well equipped with the state of the art equipment and dedicated professionals to ensure timely delivery of our high-quality mass transfer products & separation solutions to you.

Quality Control

Kuber Precision Technology is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Indian organization. Our Quality Management System involves an active participation of our employees. We carry out first part, in-process, and final inspections to ensure products match the design specification.


Our Vision :

  • To become a leading Company in providing Reliable, Economically viable and superior in Quality products through innovative design and manufacturing
  • To continuously upgrade the quality of our products and services
  • We do our best to be a trusted associate and success partner to our customers.