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Mass Transfer Maufacturers & Distributors, India

About us

Your Reliable Partner in Mass Transfer Products and Sevices

Kuber Precision Technology is the organization offering Process Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing of the Mass Transfer Products in the field of Distillation, Extraction, and Absorption application. We stick to upgraded fabricating practices and follow strict quality assurance plans to keep up with the best expectations for our items. This assists us to achieve our association’s goals both customer and employee satisfaction and competitive product quality. Remembering quality as our prime focus we attempt quality testing at different phases of production from crude material testing to PMI testing of the finished products. Our mass transfer product range includes.

  • Distillation Column
  • Absorption Column
  • Distillation Column Trays
    (Bubble Caps Trays, Sieve Trays)
  • Distillation Column Trays
    (Float Valve Trays, Fixed Valve Trays)
  • Sheet Metal Sructured Packing
    (KUBPAK Series)
  • Column Internals
    (KUBPAK Ultra Series)
  • Wire Mesh Sructured Packing
  • Liquid-Liquid Extraction Packing
    (KUBPAK Extract)
  • Grid Sructured Packing
    KUBPAK Grid)
  • Lab Structured Packing (KUBPAK Lab)
  • Different Type of Random Packing
  • Column Internals
    (Liquid Distributors & Redistributors)
  • Column Internals
    (Liquid Collectors & Packing Supports)
  • All Type of Column Internals as per Requirement

Our Vision

Quality Control

Kuber Precision Technology is an ISO 9001:2008 ensured Indian association. Our quality management system includes the dynamic interest of our workers. We do the first part, in-process and final inspections to guarantee products, match the design specification.

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