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Spray Nozzle Type Distributor (KPT SNTD-6)

Spray Nozzle Type Distributor (KPT SNTD-6)


Spray nozzle distributor with compact structure, is a popular type of distributor used in packing towers. Under the pressure, spray nozzle distributor can distribute liquid on the tower packing through nozzles. Spray nozzle distributor is being used more for the process of heat exchange and scouring.

Key Characteristics :

The spray nozzle type distributor has cone spray nozzles instead of distribution holes for homogeneous distribution of liquid.

This type has an advantage that liquids containing solid particles can be distributed without plugging problems to the nozzles.

The Spray type nozzle distributor consists of a main header and laterals with downpipes and spray nozzles.

Distributor Liquid loading: 2 to 200 m3/m2h

Distributor Size: upto 6m