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Sieve Tray (KPT TRAY-1)

Sieve Tray (KPT TRAY-1)

Sieve Tray is type of cross flow tray. Sieve trays are simply metal plates with holes in them. The vapour passes up through perforations in the plate, the liquid is retained on the tray by vapour flow. The arrangement, number and size of the holes are the design parameters.

Key Characteristics:

Sieve trays are available up to 6m diameter.

MOC: Stainless steels, 904L, 254SMO, Duplex, SS410S, Titanium, Hastelloy or any metal/alloy according to customer request

Sieve tray is in low cost. Not flexible for wide range of turndown ratio.

High capacity and efficiency, low pressure drop, ease of cleaning, and low capital cost