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Fixed Valve Tray (KPT TRAY-2)

Fixed Valve Tray (KPT TRAY-2)

Valve is a fixed unit punched out of trays at a fixed particular distance. The main advantage of the fixed valve trays is that the high horizontal vapour velocity issuing through the narrow certain area promotes high radial mixing with the cross flow liquids and deflects entrainment sideways before being swept upward. This ensures a high rate of mass transfer. High vapour velocity eliminates the depositions of solids or fouling. Since it has no moving parts, it is suitable for corrosive media.

Key Characteristics:

Fixed valve trays are available up to 6m diameter.

MOC: Stainless steels, 904L, 254SMO, Duplex, SS410S, Titanium, Hastelloy or any metal/alloy according to customer request

Fixed valve tray used for wider turndown ratio and better resistance to fouling compared to sieve tray.