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Bubble Cap Tray (KPT TRAY-4)

Bubble Cap Tray (KPT TRAY-4)

Bubble cap trays are the oldest type of trays in use. These trays are called as a “liquid sealed” trays, in which the vapour passes up through the short pipes called risers covered by a cap with serrated edge or slots. At all vapour flow rates a predetermined liquid level will be maintained on trays. Gives advantage to operate wide range of liquid flow rates.

Key Characteristics:

Bubble Caps tray upto 6m with 50-100 mm caps are available

Stainless steels, 904L, 254SMO, Duplex, SS410S, Titanium, Hastelloy, Copper or any metal/alloy according to customer request.

Bubble cap tray used for low liquid loads. Very wide turndown ratio.